Plastic straws are made of…PLASTIC!
They pollute our landfills, affect marine life and are difficult to recycle
We are Ooble.

We make everything that is edible, sustainable and
makes you go ooo!
Try your first zero-waste, flavored straws that you can eat!

Our Target

Can you live without straws? Yes!

Do you want to? Probably not!

So what can you do? Well, let us do it for you!

Our Solution

Ooble develops zero-waste edible straws.

Yup, you can eat your straws!
They are 100% plant-based, cost effective and come in different flavours.

Just imagine a really hot summer day, sitting on a beach and sipping on a Pina colada. What if you could have a mint-flavoured straw with it? Yum! (Packing your bags already?)

Our Case

Ooble straws are designed for your everyday use. You can enjoy your ‘on-
the-go’ smoothies or sit down with your shakes and cocktails. Sip into them,
and when you are done just bite into the straws. So you can enjoy your beverage while being kinder to our planet.

We understand that sometimes you just don’t want to eat your straw! Good
news is that even if it is not consumed, it is completely biodegradable.
Apart from the direct use as a straw, we can add in certain nutrients
specifically for certain targeted populations or according to your requirements.

You can be healthier and sustainable while also getting the right dose of

Ooble, formerly called ‘the edibles’ was created from a passion for food and our environment. The products are an amalgamation of design thinking
and finding ways to innovatively problem solve. Our first aim is to
eliminate the use of plastic straws. We want a future with no plastic straws and only edible straws.

We are Ooble and we want to make edible straws the next #foodhero.

Our Journey

 FIPDes/Lund University
FIPDes/Lund University

The edibles started as a school project at Lund University where three students were trying to fix a gap in the food packaging industry.


The edibles received their first pre-seed investment and joined the Climate-Kic Greenhouse Program.

Sten K Johnsson
Sten K Johnsson

Winners at Dragons at the University 2017 held at Lund, Sweden. Also, won the audience award (sweeped right into their hearts!).

Thought for Food
Thought for Food

Selected at one of the top 20 food startups in 2017 at the Global Thought for Food Summit held at Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Leap Frogs Scholarship
Leap Frogs Scholarship

Received the LeapFrog financial scholarship for entrepreneaurs from LU Innovation for prototype development

Venture Lab
Venture Lab

The edibles got selected into the Ignite program at Venture Lab in Lund, Sweden. ‘The edibles’ is incubated at Venture Lab and had received business development coaching from the incubation center.


Invited to set up a stall at Malmö garden festival that is held annually as a part of solving food waste and consuming sustainably.


Selected by the European Selection Panel to exhibit in the FUTURE LAB RISING START-UPS space at SIAL Paris 2018.

Find us on Instagram @wearetheedibles

Help us, help the environment

We are waiting to hear from you! If you’re an investor or a food business owner who would like to try our products or collaborate, do contact us! If you have any feedback or ideas don’t hesitate to share them with us. You are an important part of keeping our endeavour going. A lot of our marine friends will surely be happy.

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